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Hi. My name is Yuki. I coded this portfolio website from scratch. I was a full-time hyper island student (Digital media creative) until this summer who is currently searching a position as a graphic designer, digital designer, 2D artist, motion artist, illustrator and UI designer. I am passionate about learning new design and art skills, and want to keep myself useful to others.

I am a Japanese woman who has lived in Stockholm since 2010 so that I have a permanent residence permission in Sweden and I can read and write Swedish language (speaking is not perfect yet but I want to be fluent).

Please contact me if you are interested in talking to me.


Adobe Photoshop CC
Adobe Illustrator CC
Adobe InDesign CC
Adobe After Effects CC

Graphic design
UI design
Concept development


Digital Media Creative
Hyper Island, Stockholm

Design advanced night course
Forsbergs Skola, Stockholm

Bachelor of Fine Arts
Tama Art University, Tokyo

Graphic Design Theory and Drawing
Prep school for Design, Tokyo


Graphic design trainee
Pond, Stockholm

Graphic design trainee
A plus M, Stockholm






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e digital partner

This identity was for a person who needed an identity for his company and website.

The theme for this logotype is the key words: simple, reliable, elegant, sporty. For easier remembrance by customers I tried to make the logotype as simple as possible to get a strong impact.

  • By using strong stable lines it communicates a reliable expression.

  • The choice of minimum colors (black, green, white) it gets
 elegance and simplicity.

  • By the use of oblique objects and font it gets a sort of
 energetic sporty tension.

  • Color psychology states that green has a lively, fresh and reliable impression. so I believe that this colour suits the company's concept.

  • Since the company name is E digital Partner, the logo, which has a binary or digital style would go well with the core technological focus of the company.

  • The thin line on the business card has a functional value of contrast.

  • The line has the same angle as the logotype so that it makes
 the logotype stand out.

  • The outside of the envelope has a formal feeling to get
the customers trust. Meanwhile, the inside of the envelope has
 a unique and special feeling (lively, fresh).

This combination follows the visual identity established.



business card


website design